DKP Rules

TFC DKP Rules, and General Code of Conduct

1. Loot Priority: Main > Recruit > Box


2. Gaining DKP: 1 DKP for being on time. 2 DKP each hour after the raid starts. 1 DKP for being present at the end of the raid. If the raid goes overtime, no extra DKP will be awarded, and anything engaged within 15 minutes of the end of the raid, will be considered bid loot. Anything engaged 16 minutes past official end, will be rolled off.

3. Spending DKP: The first rule of spending DKP, is that if you have attendance lower than 40% you may bid a max of 15DKP. DKP will be spent via the TFC DKP site on the tab "bidding tool".
4. Changing Mains: If you decide to change your main, you may have a DKP cut if you enter a saturated class. You are ONLY allowed to change mains at the approval of leadership, and you are only allowed to do so once a calendar year. IMPORTANT Main changes are subject to denial based on the guilds needs.
5. Changing to a newly available class: Leadership reserves both the right to deny you if there are already too many people changing, and the right to deny you access to bidding on BiS loot on the current character. If you wish to main change back to your old main, you may do so within 30 calendar days with no DKP penalty.

6. Unexplained absence: After 30 days your DKP will be put as inactive. After 30 days of no raids, you will be marked as retired. After 50 days you will be required to re-apply to become a raider and your DKP will be deleted. (Believe it or not wasted space is bad) IF YOU NOTIFY leadership of an absence of any duration, we will hold your roster spot as long as possible, but as you know, everything must go on!
7. Reserved Items: When Gates of Discord officially opens, PoP restrictions will lift and reserved loot will be open.
8. DKP Decay: At the end of each expansion, your DKP will be set back to 300 if you are above that threshold. SPEND before you lose it! This prevents hoarding among other bad habits.
9. Droppable Items: All droppable items that are to be considered "groupable content" will either be rolled off, or taken for the guild bank to reimburse itself. We will do our best to announce this at the time. If there are questions, please speak to an officer AFTER the raid.... Groupable content is considered anything a few groups would be able to kill. We reserve the right to adjust this rule, on the fly, during the raid to protect ourselves, or make things easier.
TFC Code of Conduct..... We hold our members to a very high standard. This does not mean that you will not have conflicts with anyone from our roster, but if proof is given of 3rd party software being used, unlike any other guild on this server, we will instantly remove the person. No warnings given on hacking, get gud buddy.
We will not accept any form of racial, sexual, or other harassment in guild.
Officers are held to an even higher standard.
Any proof of any of the above is grounds for a possible pink slip, but believe it or not, we are a laid back guild, we just get rid of the glitches before they turn into a virus!

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