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PostPosted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 11:01 pm    Post subject: Kunark Completed on 10/04/20!

Congratulations to the guild on another excellent round of bragging rights! Our guild name brings quite a few different types of gamers, and yet we seem to stay on top of content in era and I foresee that happening for a very long time. Leadership has been consistent in making sure members have everything they need, and weeding out the bad eggs to make sure the guild remains happy.


That said, we downed Phara Dar with a count of 23 members, on the first attempt, grats to those on that specific kill, and a pre-grats to those on the next kills.


We are recruiting a few more for our Velious push, which is being planned out now with the help of not only leadership, but the rest of the guild who always has some good input for us to consider. You rock Filthy Casualz!


Guild News

Fennin Ro, Tyrant of bein ded

by Goburs04, 3 days ago

We've been taking this expansion a bit slower than most so far, and enjoying it for what it's supposed to be. Making the experiences last are what truly forms bonds, and teaches people to enjoy the simple things. No reason to rush!!

That said, when we do step foot in the zone, game faces on, gods dead, loot aquired, and 1/2 of the Elementals down.

Looking for 2 Shadowknights, and 1 Bard!

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Elementals, here we come!!

by Goburs04, 7 days ago

Been a great few weeks for TFC! Still NO wipes since Gorenaire folks...I dunno how we do it, but we just do! Sol Ro and his mighty little bitches (minions) went down faster than Hicks in a prom dress!


Next up, Fennin Ro and the rest of the Elementals!!

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Planes Raids!

by Goburs04, 18 days ago

In our first official Planes of Power raid night, we went in and obliterated Mech Behemoth, Grummus, Carprin Cycle, and all three Zek brothers while in Tactics. MORE TO COME!!!



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