After multiple waves of "rewards" aka exp bonus and severe server lag, along with taking the 4th off, and missing a week of Sky, we ventured up with around 50 people, and took off towards EoV. 4 hours later, I am proud to say that our team took down Eye of Veeshan, the last raid encounter required for us to complete this expansion.


Very happy with the members who stuck it out through these weeks of "rewards" (aka unbearable lag and crashing) and it seems like we are smooth sailing now, and on farm status. GO TFC!!!!!


Recruitment is open for MOST classes so feel free to submit an application, even if you are part of the "closed" classes. Never going to turn down a phenomenal application with experience and the attitude to match ours.




Guild News

Kunark raid day!

by Goburs04, 23 days ago

Kunark update #1 - Gorenaire dead, Venril Sathir dead, and VSR/Ixiblat done for some members.


Went into the night with 60ish people, with a raid average of 57, and looking to just go ahead and do the hardest content Kunark had to offer us (aside from VP)...and after a third attempt, we absolutely obliterated Gore, then went and made quick work of VS, and some epic stuff after. Happy to say, Kunark should be a breeze, and I'm already drooling about Velious!

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On to Kunark: New details, Old kills.

by Goburs04, 41 days ago

We had to make a new website, because this cool-cat Cellebelly in <Altered Minds> decided to hack our old website, and re-direct our apply link to a NSFW website. So here we are!


Name in Altered Minds


Some of our bigger kills, achievements, and classic is officially defeated!


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