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Kunark raid day!

by Goburs04, 23 days ago

Kunark update #1 - Gorenaire dead, Venril Sathir dead, and VSR/Ixiblat done for some members.


Went into the night with 60ish people, with a raid average of 57, and looking to just go ahead and do the hardest content Kunark had to offer us (aside from VP)...and after a third attempt, we absolutely obliterated Gore, then went and made quick work of VS, and some epic stuff after. Happy to say, Kunark should be a breeze, and I'm already drooling about Velious!

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On to Kunark: New details, Old kills.

by Goburs04, 41 days ago

We had to make a new website, because this cool-cat Cellebelly in <Altered Minds> decided to hack our old website, and re-direct our apply link to a NSFW website. So here we are!


Name in Altered Minds


Some of our bigger kills, achievements, and classic is officially defeated!


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